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Monday, January 14, 2002
yesterday i found out that my dad's new girL & her mother is moving into my house..wTf is that bs?? im not even tight with his new girL and my dad doesn't even seem too thriLLed about her moving here too. i dont Like it when my daiLy routines are interrupted by others. my house onLy has 2 bedrooms..and i am not giving my room up to some peopLe thats not even my famiLy...Life in generaL is pretty good. i had some probLems yesterday with someone i Like and my reaL good friend heLped me out with them. i met her at the end of 8th grade when i moved to nj..i miss her a Lot. its so freakin hard for me to get cLose with peopLe cause of me moving around so much..and when i finaLLy do get tight with somebody i go somewhere eLse..the one that i have feeLings for is stiLL around even though i moved up here to Li. when i first moved up here i was waLking down the turnpike to Look for a store when i met these guys named frank and george. through george i met everyone eLse that i know in Li. i recentLy found out that he's moving -=( he was the one that hooked me up with 300 when i was stuck in this bad situation between frank. im gonna miss him..


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